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The Evaluation Planning Meeting

(The old 20-Day Meeting)

You're doing great so far! It's time to hold the Evaluation Planning Meeting.

1. The day before the meeting, remind all of the participants of the meeting's place and time.  Ask the teacher to make sure she has classroom coverage during that time. Make sure you have a working phone number for the parent.

2. During the meeting, the parent and teacher will be giving you a lot of information about the student.  You will type this information into the Easy IEP Notice B-1 Notice Following an Identification/Eval Planning Meeting (or into B-2 Notice Following an Identification/Eval Planning Meeting-No Eval, if an evaluation is not recommended.)  If you don't have access to a computer during the meeting, take notes and enter the information after the meeting.

3. If an evaluation is recommended, you will also fill in the assessments and evaluators (by position).

4. Once everything is completed, go back to Documents, click the Notices tab, choose B-1 (or B-2 if no testing is indicated), and "Create Final Document."  Print out the finalized document.  Use the signature pages from the meeting.

5.  At the end of the meeting, you have to give the parent a copy of the document to take home.  If you have access to a computer and you typed the information in during the meeting, simply print out a draft or a finalized copy of the form for the parent.  If you do not have access to a computer, give the parent a copy of the draft with any changes handwritten on it.

6. If the team has decided to evaluate the student, and the parent signed the consent to evaluate:

     A.  In the student's Easy IEP page, click on "Date Snapshot." Fill in the Parental Consent to Evaluate        date.  Click "Update the Database."

​     B.  In the student's Genesis page, click the "Special Ed" tab.  At the bottom click "Enter Reevaluation        Data."  Change the evaluation Status to "In Process."  Click Save.

7.  If the team has decided NOT to evaluate the student (Or if the parent did not sign consent): 

     In the student's Genesis page, click the "Special Ed" tab.  At the bottom click "Enter Reevaluation              Data."  Change the evaluation Status to "Student Never Tested."  Click Save.

8. Now create an Easy Fax Cover Page.  Go back to "Documents" and in the box choose Easy Fax - Meeting Participants Cover Page.  Click "Create Draft," fill in the required information, and click "Create Draft Document."  Print the cover page and put it on top of the 20-Day Meeting pages.  Fax the documents to 1-866-920-6173.

9. Make a copy of all the finalized documents and mail them to the parent.