How do I ...


There are plenty of people in my school that can translate in Spanish, but this parent speaks Korean (or is deaf)!  What should I do?

If there is no one at your school that can interpret for you, email your supervisor to request a translator.  NJAC 6A:14-2.4(a)1 says: Foreign language interpreters or translators and sign language interpreters for the deaf shall be provided, when necessary, by the district board of education at no cost to the parent.

Preparing for the

Evaluation Planning Meeting

(The old 20-Day Meeting)

It's time for the Evaluation Planning meeting!  There are a few things you should do ahead of time to prepare for the meeting.

1.  Make sure you have the referral packet and that all sections are complete.

2.  If the parent returned the Meeting Confirmation Form, check to see if any special accomodations are listed.  If the parent speaks a language other than English and needs a translator, now is the time to make those arrangements.  First, check with the building principal to see if any staff member who speaks the parent's native language is available to translate.  If not, contact Para Plus Interpreters at 856-547-3458.

Hold on to your socks, kids, because this part's different:


3.  You won't use Filemaker Pro to print out an IEP Summary Meeting form any more.  Instead, you'll use Easy IEP.  From the student's Easy IEP page, click the "Documents" tab, then click the "Notices" tab in the Documents box.

4.  Choose B-1 "Notice Following an Identification/Eval Planning Meeting" and click "Create Draft."

5. Fill in all the necessary information, but leave the box under "The following is a description of any other options discussed" empty.  This is where you will type the information reported by the teacher and parent (the narrative portion of the old IEP Summary Meeting Form.) 

​6.  Click the boxes that say "Attach Meeting Participants" and "Attach Procedural Safeguards" and click "Create Draft."

7.  Print out two copies of the document.  This will give you a parental consent/permission to evaluate (if needed), a signature page, and a procedural safeguards page.  One is for you to reference during the meeting, one is for you to give to the parent at the end of the meeting (if you don't have access to a computer during the meeting.)

​8.  Click "Date Snapshot."  Enter the Evaluation Planning Meeting (20 Day Meeting) date.  Click "Update the Database."

9.  Make sure you have a copy of PRISE as well as a copy of the code to give to the parent during the meeting.  You can pick up copies at Special Services, or you can print one from Easy IEP.  Scroll to the Documents box at the bottom of the Home page and click the Policy tab.  At the bottom, you will see links to the PRISE in several languages.