How do I ...

Your student is a Special Education student, but you feel that he may benefit from other services such as Speech Therapy or Occupational/Physical Therapy.

1.  First, contact the student's Child Study Team Case Manager.  Let the Case Manager know that you feel the student needs additional services.

2.  The Case Manager will schedule an Evaluation Planning Meeting.  You, the Case Manager, the parent, and the related service provider will be invited to the meeting.

3.  On the day of the meeting, bring any work samples, report cards, or anecdotal evidence that you feel demonstrates the student's need for additional services.  If you are requesting a speech and language evaluation, please fill out the appropriate questionnaire below and bring it with you to the meeting.

4.  At the meeting, you will describe the student's difficulties and the related service provider will determine if an evaluation is necessary.

5.  If it is determined that an evaluation is needed, the parent will be asked to sign consent for the evaluation.  Once consent is signed, the testing will be completed within 60 days, and another meeting will be scheduled to discuss the results.  If the parent does not sign consent, then evaluation cannot proceed.