How do I ...


I don't want to put myself as case manager; I don't even know if this student is going to qualify for special education yet! And I know the code says "A case manager shall be assigned to a student when it is determined that an initial evaluation shall be conducted." We haven't determined that yet.

​Yes, NJAC 6A:14-3.2(a) does say this. However, it is Camden's policy to assign a Case Manager as soon as the referral is accepted to ensure continuity of services and to facilitate compliance with timelines.

You're almost finished!  The next step is to make yourself the student's case manager.  Here's how to do it:

1.  Log onto Easy IEP using your own username and password.  

2.  In the green menu bar, click "Wizards."

3.  Choose "Caseload Setup Wizard."

4.  Scroll down to the bottom of the page and choose "Add More Students to Caseload."

5.  Enter the student's name or ID number in the appropriate fields.

6.  Check the boxes for "Case Manager" and "IEP/Evaluation Services," then click "Add Students to Caseload."

Have you done this?