The cost of each calendar will be $10.00

(Payment due when you receive the calendar.)

These spiral bound calendars are great to keep you organized, and can be very helpful as evidence for your professional evaluation requirements. Please choose the sections that you would like to have included in your calendar. (Click the red text for sample pages.) 

There are some great options this year including:

1. Monthly Calendar.  See an entire month at a glance.  Camden's calendar information, such as holidays and professional development days, are entered into the calendar.

2. Weekly Calendar.  One week per page, with room to make notes.

3. Child Study Team Meetings:
CST Meetings - 2 per page.  This is the traditional format.  Room for all pertinent information, plus notes.
CST Meetings - 1 per page.  This option is new for people who would like more room to take notes.  However, this option results in fewer meeting pages per book.  
Educational Outline.  An outline of educational information to help you take notes during an evaluation planning meeting.
Eligibility Conferences.  A place to keep track of student eligibility, 4 per page.

4. Referral Flowchart.  Keep track of all of your referrals, and ensure that you've completed each step.  

5. Testing:
Testing Flowchart.  Keep track of your evaluations and ensure that you've completed all necessary steps.  
Student Interviews/Evaluation Record.  An outline to guide you through a student interview during testing; this page can be customized to reflect your own preferred questions.  Also space to record evaluation results and interview notes.

6. Counseling/Therapy Log. Includes an attendance tracking form and room for 10 therapy entries per page.

7. Contact Log.  Keep track of who you've spoken to: parents, teachers, etc.

8. To Do List.

9. Notes.

10. Some people have requested a pocket divider to be added to the book.  I can do this, but the divider will extend about an inch beyond the front cover.  It would certainly be useful, but it doesn't look very pretty.

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