How do I ...


Why do I have to do this? The student isn't classified as special education yet!

NJAC 6A:14-3.3 (f) says: When it is determined thatan evaluation for eligibility for services under this chapter is warranted, thestudent shall be considered identified as potentially a student with a disability.


It will only take you a moment to change the student's special education designation in Genesis.  Here's how to do it:

1. Log onto Genesis using your own username and password.  

2.  In the "Schools" field, delete the number 01.

3.  Enter either the student's first and last names in the name fields, or the Student ID in the Student ID field and click "Search."

4.  Click the blue student ID number next to the student's name.

5. Look at the blue tabs and click the one that says "Special Ed."

6. At the bottom of the page, you will see "Designated Special Ed" with Yes and No buttons.  Choose "Yes" and click "Save."

7.  Click the button that says "Enter Reevaluation Data."  

              - If this is a new referral, fill in the date of the referral in line 49.  Click SAVE.

              - If this is an intake of a previously classified student, fill in the latest reevaluation date in line 56.  Change the                     Evaluation Status to "In Process."  Click SAVE.

8.  It will take 24 hours for this change to take effect and for the student's name to appear in Easy IEP.  Once the student appears in Easy IEP, pull up that student and click on "Date Snapshot."  Enter the referral date in the appropriate area.  Click "Update the Database."

Have you done this?