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Summer Assessment Handbook

Psych/LD Eval Requirements

Social Eval Requirements

Speech Eval Requirements


Ferry Ave Instructions

Initial Eligibility

Initial IEP

Initial Planning

Intake IEP

Intake Meeting

Reeval Eligibility
Reeval IEP
Reeval Planning

Evaluation Notes

Board Approval

Spreadsheet Problem

IEP Direct Instructions

Request for Records from another district

AAC Request

Bilingual Evaluation Request

File Room Request Form

Funds Increase (Central Office Only)

Home Instruction Tracking Sheet

IRST Additional Forms

IRST Referral Packet

Justification: Home Instruction

Justification: Out of District Placement

Justification: Waiver


Neurological Request​

Out of District Worksheet

Record Request

Release of Information

(Speech) Articulation Survey

(Speech) Fluency Survey

(Speech) Voice Survey

Summer Evaluation Invitation

Summer Meeting Invitation

Translator Request

Transportation Determination

Withdrawal from Private School

Personal Aide

Resources for Parents and Caregivers

Intake Form

All About CST

Teams at a glance

Teams at a glance (Blank)

Special Ed Process


SEMI Logging

SEMI Logging Chart

Teacher Interview

Structured Observation

Speech Qualifications

Speech Eval Requirements

Special Services Procedures

Social Eval Requirements

Reeval Documents

Psy/LD Eval Requirements

Initial Documents

Eligibility Criteria

Initial Eval Documents

Reeval Documents

Spreadsheet Intro

Exit Students

College Prep

Reevaluation Guidelines

Equity Fellowship 

Notification of Placement

Transition Strategies

Writing Post Secondary Goals

APA Guildelines

DLM Guidelines

2017 ESY

Office 365


Annual Review Guide

Career and Technical Pograms