How do I ...


The new Easy Fax system is FUN and EASY TO USE!


1. Log into Easy IEP using your own login information.

2.  From the Home Page, click on the "Student" tab.

3.  Fill in the student's last and first name and click "View Students."  Or, you can click "View My Caseload."

4.  Click on the student's name.  This will bring you to his Personal Information page.  At the top, click the tab that says "Documents."

5.  You'll see a box with tabs that say Other, Invitations, Notices, Consent, Easy Fax, Evaluations.

      Click on the tab that says Easy Fax.

6.  Choose the correct type of cover sheet for your document.  Click Create Final Document.

        If you have a:

        Parent letter or teacher referral packet, choose         Easy Fax - Referral Cover Page

        Evaluation that you completed, choose                      Easy Fax - Evaluation Report Cover Page

        Evaluation from another district or agency, choose    Easy Fax - External Evaluation Report Cover Page

        Signature page from a meeting, choose                     Easy Fax - Meeting Participants Cover Page

        Semi form, choose                                                      Easy Fax - NJ Medicaid Consent Form

7.  Fill in the text boxes and click Create Final Document.

8.  You'll see "Easy Fax Referral Cover Page: view."  Click the blue "view" link.  Print this page and put it ON TOP of the document you are faxing.  This is your cover page.

9.  Fax all of the pages to 1-866-920-6173.

See?  EASY!