How do I ...


Easy Fax Cover Sheets

When do I need one?

Easy Fax works by reading a bar code, just like the scanner at your grocery store.  For Easy Fax, there are two kinds of documents:

Documents that ALREADY have bar codes on them

Like IEP and Eligibility signature pages.  If you look at the top of the page, you'll see that there's a bar code printed right on the page.  This bar code tells the computer, "Give this page to Joseph Jones!"  The next day when you log onto Easy IEP you'll see that page in Joseph's "Documents" tab.  These documents do not need a cover page.

Documents that DON'T already have bar codes on them

Like parent letters or evaluation reports.  These documents need a cover page.  The cover page has a bar code that says, "Give all the pages behind this page to Joseph Jones!"  The next day when you log onto Easy IEP you'll see all those pages in Joseph's "Documents" tab.

The computer checks every page for a bar code.  So it's okay to have a whole stack of documents in the fax machine at the same time, even for different students.  Remember when you were a kid and played Simon Says?  You had to keep doing what Simon said until he said to do something different.  That's the way Easy Fax works, too.  Each time the computer sees a bar code, it reads the bar code and follows the directions.  "Give this to Joseph Jones!  Give this to Jasmine Lugo!  Give all the pages behind this to David Martinez!  Give this to Arianna Garrett!"  Each bar code tells the computer to do something different.

For documents that you create in Easy IEP like IEPs, Eligibility Reports, Evaluation Planning Meetings, etc, you only need to fax the signature pages.  The rest of the document isalready saved in Easy IEP, so it doesn't need to be faxed.

Keep in mind:  If you want to Easy Fax a document from another school district, check that document for a bar code!  If it has one, you'll have to cover the other district's bar code so that Camden's Easy Fax system doesn't get confused!