How do I ...


Should I really use the student's name and information as the subject line of an email?  Isn't that dangerous?

No, It's fine to use the student's information in an email.  Camden City School has a private email system and emails sent within it are considered confidential.

Evaluation Time!

You've held the Evaluation Planning Meeting, you've decided to evaluate the student, and you've gotten parental permission to evaluate.  Great job!  Once your evaluation is complete you will:

1.  Type your evaluation.  Save the file as:


For instance, if you are the LDTC and your student is named Eric Zaum, the file name would look like this:



                                   Your report type is your discipline:

                                   If you are a Psychologist, your report type is PS

                                   If you are an LDTC, your report type is LD

                                   If you are a Social Worker, your report type is SW

                                   If you are a Speech Therapist, your report type is SP

2.  Attach this report to an email and send it to using the file name as your subject line.

3.  Enter all the evaluation findings into Easy IEP  "Assessments" and "Eligibility."  Click on "Date Snapshot" and enter the date of your evaluation there.

4.  Print and sign three copies of the report.  Write "COPY" at the top of two of the reports.

5.  Create and print and Evaluation Report Cover Page in Easy IEP.  Put the Evaluation Report Cover Page on top of the evaluation and fax the document to 1-866-920-6173.

6.  Send the signed original copy of the report via Board Mail to the File Room at Front and Cooper.  

7.  Put one copy of the report into an envelope addressed to the parent.  You can either add postage and mail this yourself, or send it via Board Mail to Sally Robinson on the 2nd Floor, Front and Cooper and she will add postage and mail it.  Remember, the parent must have a copy of the report 10 days before the eligibility meeting!

8.  Keep one copy of the report on hand to reference at the Eligibility Meeting.