Using Genesis to Find

Information about a Student

Genesis can tell you almost anything you want to know about a student! 

1. Log onto Genesis using your own username and password.

2. In the "Schools" field, delete the number 01.

3. Enter either the student's first and last names in the name fields, or the Student ID in the Student ID field and click "Search."

4. Click the blue student ID number next to the student's name.

5.  The first page you see is the Demographic page.  Toward the top you can find the student's grade, room number, and teacher.  The second row of navy blue tabs gives you other information about the student:

     Contacts 2 - tells you the student's legal residence, legal guardian, and emergency contacts.  Above the  

     Primary Contact Information Box, there may be names written in blue.  These are links to the student's

     siblings in Genesis.

     Family - This page also lists all of the student's siblings, and it highlights whether there are differences in

     guardianship or parentage among the siblings.

     Custody - gives you specific information about custody permissions and who is authorized to pick up the

     child from school.

6.  In addition to Demographic, there are many other navy blue tabs to choose from:

     Attendance - gives you the student's attendance information for the year.  Daily attendance is typically

     updated mid-morning.  You can use this tab to see if a student is present today.

     Bus - tells you if the student rides a bus to and from school.  The name and phone number of the bus

     company are provided on this page. 

     Current Year Schedule - shows you the student's daily schedule.  This is especially helpful for secondary

     students wjo change classes during the day.

     Medical - lists the student's significant medical conditions.  This page will tell you if the student has food

     allergies, food restrictions, hearing loss, asthma, etc.

     Report Card - displays the student's current and previous year's report card.

     Special Ed - tells you if the student is eligible for Special Education services, as well as relevant dates

     pertaining to the special education process.

     State Tests - gives you information about which state tests the student is scheduled to take and if there are

     any accomodations for the student.

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