How do I ...


"No Qualifying Data Found"

This message can be caused by a few different factors

1.  Double check that you deleted the number 01 from the "Schools" field.

2.  If you're entering the student's name, you might be spelling it incorrectly.  Try putting in just a portion of the student's first and last name followed by an asterisk.

For example, instead of entering Chukwocha, Alexandria, try entering Chu*, Al*  You'll see that the student's name is actually Chuckwoucha, Alexsandria.

3.  If neither the student's partial name nor the student's ID number are returning results, the student is probably not enrolled as a Camden City Schools student yet.  Contact the school office to request that the student's information be entered into the system.  Once the school secretary enters the information, it will take 24 hours for it to be updated.  After 24 hours, you should be able to access the student's Genesis page.