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The Parent Did Not Attend :-(

The parent did not attend the Evaluation Planning Meeting (20 Day Meeting), and now you're all sitting around wondering what to do.  The first thing you should do is attempt to call the parent.  If you can contact the parent, you can hold a phone conference.  Arrangements will still need to be made to obtain signatures, but at least your time won't be completely wasted.

If you cannot reach the parent by phone, have everyone in attendance sign the signature page of the Evaluation Planning Meeting form, but DO NOT finalize the form.  

Reschedule the meeting for the soonest available date.  Before the second meeting, print out another copy of the same draft form.  If the parent does not attend a second meeting, complete all the paperwork with information you've learned form the teacher and have the meeting participants sign the signature page.  Don't finalize yet!

Reschedule for a third and final attempt.  Print out the signature page of the draft form again.  If the parent still does not attend, have the meeting participants sign the signature page and finalize the form. Fax ALL of the signature pages.  Because they are all from the same draft, all three signature pages will be attached to the same Evaluation Planning Meeting document.

Mail a copy of the finalized document and signature page(s) to the parent.

If the parent attends at a later date, a new meeting form will need to be completed.