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A referral that requests a speech evaluation but references anything other than articulation, voice, or fluency (stuttering) must be treated as a full Child Study Team referral.  If the referral states that the student has difficulty answering questions, following directions, processing or remembering information, behaviorally, or academically in any way that is unrelated to articulation, voice, or fluency, the full Child Study Team must be present at the 20-Day Meeting.  When this is the case, the referral is not considered to be a speech-only referral, but a full Child Study Team referral. 

That's ridiculous!  Why do we have to do that?

NJAC 6A:14-3.3(e)4 says that for students ages five to 21, when the suspected disability includes a language disorder, the child study team, the parent, a speech-language specialist and the general education teacher of the student who has knowledge of the student's educational performance or if there is no teacher of the student, a teacher who is knowledgeable about the district's programs shall participate in the meeting to decide whether to evaluate and the nature and scope of the evaluation.