How do I ...


Why do I (the regular education teacher) have to go to this meeting?  The student works mostly with the inclusion teacher in my classroom, who knows more about his academic ability than I do.

The special education teacher can attend the meeting in addition to the regular education teacher, but cannot replace the regular education teacher.  NJAC 6A:14-3.3(e) says that when a preschool age or school age student is referred for an initial evaluation to determine eligibility for special education programs and services, a meeting of the child study team, the parent and the regular education teacher of the student who is knowledgeable about the student's educational performance shall be convened within 20 calendar days (excluding school holidays, but not summer vacation) of receipt of the written request.

Fantastic!  The next step is the

Evaluation Planning Meeting.


To prepare for the Evaluation Planning Meeting (EPM):

1. Double check that the student's address and phone number are correct.  The parent's      

    meeting invitation will be sent to the address listed in Genesis.     

2.  Arrange for classroom coverage during for the date and time of the EPM.


3.  Gather examples of classwork or anecdotal records that illustrate the student's difficulty.  

     Have a copy of the student's most recent report card on hand.


4.  Remind the parent of the date and time of the meeting; without parental attendance,    

     the process cannot move forward.

On the day of the meeting:

1.  Please arrive on time!

2.  Be prepared to speak about your student's dificulties and provide specific examples that illustrate the problem.  Bring samples of the student's school work from multiple time periods to show evidence of his progress or lack of progress.

3.  Everyone at the meeting will have a chance to speak about the student, ask questions, and answer questions.

4.  At the end of the meeting, the Child Study Team or Speech Therapist will determine if the student meets the criteria for a Child Study Team or Speech evaluation.  


            A.  If the student does not meet the criteria, the Child Study Team or Speech

                 Therapist will give alternate suggestions and/or additional resources that may help

                 the student succeed.  

            B. If the student meets the criteria for evaluation, the Child Study Team members

                and/or Speech Therapist will describe what kinds of evaluations will be given.  The

                evaluations will be completed within 60 days, and another meeting will be

                convened within 90 days.