How do I ...


I've been through I&RST.  Now what?

Great!  If you've been through the I&RST process, you already have a LOT of documented interventions, but your student still has not made adequate progress.  Now is the time to begin a Child Study Team or Speech-Only referral.

1.  Obtain a Child Study Team or Speech-Only referral packet from your guidance counselor.  Complete all of the identifying information and attach your I&RST interventions.  Be as specific and accurate as you possibly can. Be sure to SIGN AND DATE the referral.  Keep a copy of the packet for your own records.

2.  Return the packet to the guidance counselor.  The guidance counselor will facilitate a hearing and vision screening with the school nurse, and will obtain the principal's signature.

3.  Once the entire packet is completed, the guidance counselor will send it to Special Services downtown.  Special Services personnel will log the packet into the system and will inform the Child Study Team or Speech Therapist that a referral has been received.  

4.  The Child Study Team will schedule a meeting with you and the student's parent within 20 calendar days of the date the referral was received downtown - this is called an Evaluation Planning Meeting.