How do I ...


You want to refer a student to the Child Study Team.

Okay!  In order for your referral to be as effective and efficient as possible, you should complete the following steps:

1.  First, make contact with the student's parent(s).  It's important for parents to be aware of and involved in the CST referral process from the beginning.  Document any contact you have with the parent (phone call, conversation, report card conference, etc.) and the result of that contact.

2.  Next, the student must be referred to your school's Intervention and Referral Services Team (I&RST).  According to NJAC 6A:16-8.2, before a Child Study Team referral can be made, the I&RST must:

     a. Identify the learning, behavior, or health difficulty of the student 

     b. Develop and implement an action plan to address the difficulty

     c. Maintain records of all interventions

     d. Review and assess the effectiveness of each action plan in achieving the identified outcome and    

         modifying the action plan as appropriate.

3.  Begin to gather evidence of your student's difficulty.  This can include a copy of his report card, samples of classwork or homework, test results, and anecdotal records of behavioral and academic performance.  Be sure to collect samples from different periods of time to document the student's progress or lack of progress.