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 This parent might never come to a meeting.  The student needs help; why can't the Child Study Team just test him?

According to the NJ Adminstrative Code, a school district has to obtain the parent's written consent before an evaluation can begin. Furthermore, the district board of education must ensure that the parent has been fully informed of all information relevant to the activity for which consent is being sought; understands and agrees in writing to the implementation of the activity for which consent is sought; and understands that the granting of consent is voluntary and may be revoked at any time.

If we can't test the student without the parent's permission, then why are we even bothering to hold a meeting?  

Even if the parent does not attend, the meeting must be held.  NJAC 6A:14-2.3(h)5i says that when a meeting is required to make the determination and respond to the parental request, the meeting shall be conducted and a determination made within 20 calendar days, excluding school holidays but not summer vacation. Written notice of the determination shall be provided to the parent within 15 calendar days of the meeting.

The parent did not attend the meeting.

Well, that's disappointing, obviously.  If the parent does not attend the Evaluation Planning Meeting, the Child Study Team and/or Speech Therapist will attempt to contact the parent by telephone.  If the parent cannot be reached, the CST and/or Speech Therapist will still meet with you.  They will ask you questions about the student's difficulties and his academic progress.  All of this information will be recorded on the meeting forms, and then everyone in attendance will sign the signature page.  A copy of these documents, along with an invitation to a second meeting, will be sent home to the student's parent.  If the parent does not attend the second meeting, the case will be closed due to non-participation of the parent.